Welcome to the Historic Northside, one of Lexington's most vibrant and diverse neighborhoods.  Bounded by Limestone Street and Newtown Pike on east and west and by the Beltline Railway and Second Street on north and south, the Northside encompasses many of the micro neighborhoods that are the crown jewels of Lexington's architectural history:  Gratz Park, Fayette Park, Hampton Court, Elsmere Park, Mulberry Hill, and the beautiful corridors of West Second and Third Streets.

The Northside Neighborhood Association is Lexington's oldest.   In 2011 the Association celebrated 50 years of dedication to the preservation of the Northside's rich cultural heritage and the quality of life of its eclectic residents.  The result is a twenty first century Northside, where 200 years of American history, passionately maintained, is energized by hip urban renewal.  Art galleries, friendly taverns, sumptuous restaurants, top rated inns, a new microbrewery, a lively music scene, and planned contemporary development blend seamlessly with tradition in the Northside.  And at the center of it all is Transylvania University, where a first class modern liberal arts education is served up on a campus that holds the ghosts of Henry Clay, Jefferson Davis, John C. Breckenridge, Stephen Austin, and Cassius M. Clay.  That's the Northside:  A place where History and Community Meet. 

We're so glad you came to our neighborhood.  Take a tour, book a carriage ride, learn about our past, savor our architecture, enjoy a night out.  Better yet, come live and work with us and be a part of history.


Next Meeting

November 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m.

The Northside Neighborhood Association will hold its annual business meeting at Providence Montessori Middle School, 519 West Fourth Street on November 20, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. This is the former site of the Florence Crittenton Home.

We will have an opportunity to tour the refurbished facility at 7:00 p.m., with the meeting to follow. Topics to be addressed include the election of Board Members and Officers, the 2015 Home Tour, and the Northside Improvement Corporation.

Members and prospective members of the NNA are welcome and encouraged to attend.





Mosquito Spraying Schedule

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Dining Center Open to Public

Transylvania University wants to let the Northside Neighborhood Association know that our Forrer Dining Center is open to the public and that neighbors are welcome to visit us.  The hours, prices and daily menus can be seen from www.transydining.com/dining/index.html.

Nick Ryans Saloon

Wine + Market

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