Phil Points - Secretary

Phil and Loris have lived on West Sixth Street since 1964 when Phil joined the faculty at Transylvania and Loris began teaching with the Fayette County Schools.  Phil grew up in Dry Ridge, Kentucky.  Following a bachelor's degree at Transylvania, he received the M. Div. from Lexington Theological Seminary.  His MA and PhD degrees are from the University of Chicago.  In his teaching and research he worked to understand the interrelatedness of religion and culture by offering courses such as Jewish-Christian studies, religions of Asia, philosophy of religion, religion and science, Christian ethics and numerous topical seminars.  Throughout his thirty-six years in the faculty at Transylvania he taught in the Foundations of Liberal Arts Program as well as the Religion Program.

Phil has been active in civic life.  He served on the Merger Commission which resulted in the formation of the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government in 1974.  He was on boards guiding health planning in the latter 1970's.  He was on the board of Community Action Council for twelve or so years.  He is on the Ethics Committee of Central Baptist Hospital.  Phil is an Elder in Central Christian Church where he is especially interested in the outreach ministries and efforts to make for a fair and just community.

Phil and Loris deliver meals for Moveable Feast.  They enjoy chamber music, and their two daughters still talk about reading and drawing while attending concerts when young.  Dana lives in Manhattan.  She and her spouse take their two boys to concert series prepared for children.  Dana is Editor in Chief  of PARENTS Magazine.  Lucy and Mick live in Lexington with their nine month old daughter who enjoys Dad's solos on the uke while they sit in the new back yard shed.  Lucy is Territory Manager                  for Two's Company.  Both Phil and Loris enjoy reading, and Phil continues to garden and walk as much as possible.  

Phil has been president of Northside Neighborhood Association for two one-year terms (as has Loris).  He has served as a director of the association for twenty or so years (as has Loris).  They have never served on the board at the same time.  Learning to work with others in the neighborhood has provided a vital energy and strong sense of place:  indeed, DOWNTOWN A PLACE TO LIVE.

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