Board of Architectural Review

Q. What is the Board of Architectural Review?

A. The Board of Architectural Review is a five member historic district design review board that is appointed by the Mayor and the Urban County Council.
The Board of Architectural Review (BOAR) holds twice monthly public hearings to review requests for exterior changes to properties protected by an H-1 overlay zone. At present, there are fourteen local historic districts and two local landmarks, which include over 1,900 buildings. The Board has delegated to the Division of Historic Preservation Staff the capacity to review and issue Certificates of Appropriateness for a variety of work. Ordinary maintenance does not require a review and no interior work, unless it affects the exterior, is reviewed. Applications are reviewed utilizing Design Review Guidelines, which are reviewed and updated periodically, allowing for equitable decisions in all applications in the historic districts.

Q. How do I contact the Historic Preservation Staff?

A. Phone number is (859) 258-3265 Fax (859) 258-3394

Q. When does the BOAR meet?

A. The BOAR meets the second and fourth Wednesday of each month in the Council Chambers located on the Second Floor of the Urban County Government Center, 200 East Main Street. Meetings begin at 5:00 p.m.


If additional information is needed, contact the Division of Historic Preservation (859) 258-3265 or Visit the website