Home Remodeling FAQ

Q. What is the process to make changes to my home or property in the Northside Historic District?

A. Any exterior changes or demolition must be approved by the Board of Architectural Review.

Q. How do I obtain approval?

A. Request a Certificate of Appropriateness Application Form from the Historic Preservation Staff (859) 258-3265 or print a copy from the website at www.lexington.gov/index.aspx?page=496. Submit the completed form with detailed plans to the staff for review.

Q. How long will this process take?

A. This will depend on the project and the volume of projects on the Staff's calendar. The Board of Architectural Review meets twice monthly and the Staff presents proposed projects to the BOAR members with a recommendation for approval, approval with modification or disapproval. The property owner can then make a presentation to the BOAR if he or she disagrees. If it is an extensive renovation, it could come before the BOAR on multiple occasions. If it is minor or routine, it could be approved by the staff. Most commonly, it is in between.

Q. When can work begin?

A. Once approved, the Staff will issue a Certificate of Appropriateness and contractors can then begin work.