Northside Neighborhood Association, Board Minutes, Nov 5, 2012

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Pete Cassidy, Cindy Olson, Steve Bale, Ryan Fleming, Darrell Doty, Win Meeker, Leslie
Rosenbaum, Theresa Gilbert, Al Scovern, Phil Points, Joe Scott, Scott Starkey and Jennifer Braddock.
Approval of Minutes of 10/1/2012 Board Meeting


Joe/ Ryan APPROVED with correction:
under new business, the Present's letter to Seth Brewer to express "would not affirmatively support" in place of "would not approve". The Treasurer reported a cash balance of $24,069.34 as of October 31, 20/12.


Committee Reports

- Phil reported nominations for officers for the coming year and directors for the class
of 2013 Win Meeker replacing Joe Scott who is moving to Class of 2015 which also
includes four additional new directors: Eva Ensmann, Lindsay Rall, Karen Wilson
and one of the spouses at 633 Bellaire. The full roster is forthcoming in a separate
email. This report will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association for
approval by the members.
- Al reported good traffic on 100 visitors, 160 visits and a third
business member
- Steve reported that the subcommittee for Founders Park had met and would request
Mark Yanik to submit a revised proposal based on guidelines the subcommittee
- Jennifer reported that the request for ten trash containers to be placed at specific
locations is still under consideration by Waste Management of the Urban County


- Win reported that neighbors had asked her to inform the Board that 555 North
Broadway is being neglected while the house is unoccupied. In addition to exterior
deterioration, street people are getting into the back porch for sleeping. Jennifer said
that she would check on this matter.
- Theresa reported that spray paint had been put on an automobile and a house on Miller


December 3 2l0/12 @ 6 pm in Rosenthal