Northside Neighborhood Association, Board Minutes, October 1, 2012

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PRESENT: Pete Cassidy, Bill Keifer, Jennifer Braddock, Win Meeker, Scott Starkey, Leslie Rosenbaum, Barbara Weichers, Joe Scott, Darrell Doty, John Irvin, Ryan Fleming, Phil Points and Cindy Olson. Cooper Vaughn was present at the request of the Board to discuss work atApiary Catering. Mark Yanik was present at the request of Jennifer Braddock to discuss possibilities for improvements at Founders Park. Seth Brewer was present at the request of the Board to discuss possibilities for a wine bar at Second and Jefferson. Sarah Emmons was present on behalf of Transylvania University. Several members of the Association were present.
Minutes for September 10, 2012 meeting were approved.
The treasurer reported a cash balance of $24,242.41 as of September 30, 2012.


Committee Reports
  • -Phil requested that names be submitted for consideration by the nominatingcommittee.
  • -Ryan reported 65 Visitors, 192 Visits to in September; we have asecond business, Nick Ryan's, and a third has expressed interest;
  • Rose Lucas has posted her first blog and agrees to continue for year;
  • we have capability for mass emailings.
  • MOTION: Joe and John to spend up to $300 for each video requested by a business member. APPROVED
412 West Third has another offer and possibly a second over $200,000.
Miller Street will become one way; residents as well as building inspection approve.
Pete will try to arrange meeting of the Board of Northside Improvements Corporation in
the next two weeks.
MOTION: Joe and Win to accept the bid of $840 from Sonya Reed to clean up and
maintain Founders Park for October and November. APPROVED


The discussion of the Apiary Project seemed to satisfy those present about traffic on
Miller Street; when construction is completed traffic will be as with other restaurants on
Jefferson-deliveries on Jefferson. The garden and tasting room sounded delightful.
MOTION: Joe and Ryan that the President send a soft but clear letter to Seth Brewer
indicating that Northside Neighborhood Association would not approve his ABC
request. APPROVED
Mark Yanik will prepare ideas for Founders Park before our next Board meeting.


November 5, 2012 @ 6 pm in Rosenthal


November 15, 2012 @ 7 pm in Graham
Cottage-Fifth and North Broadway (accross from Founders Park).