Northside Neighborhood Association Board Minutes, September 10, 2012

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PRESENT: Pete Cassidy, Steve Bale, Darrell Doty, Theresa Gilbert, Barbara Weichers, Scott Starkey,
Joe Scott, John Irvin, Leslie Rosenbaum, Win Meeker, Jennifer Braddock, Phil Points and Al Scovern.
Minutes for August 6, 2012 meeting were approved.
The treasurer reported a cash balance of $24,714.41 as of August 31, 2012.


Committee Reports
  • - Phil requested that names be submitted for consideration by the nominating committee.
  • - Al reported 192 visits to and one business membership-Lyndon
  • House Bed and Breakfast.
  • - Steve, Darrell, Jennifer and Phil agreed to propose locations for trash containers at the
  • next meeting of the Board.
  • - Buyer could not get financing for 412 West Third.
  • - Pete reported Rose Lucas is not able to serve on the Northside Improvements
Corporation Board; Terri Kelly has not responded; others proposed at the last meeting
have agreed to serve.


Board of Architectural Review
Staff approval was granted for improvements at 175 and 185 Jefferson, 609 Elsmere
Park, 353 North Limestone, 218 North Broadway, 414 Fayette Park, 506 North
Broadway, 441 West Second. There will be a hearing before the BOAR on
September 12, 2012 for fence and gate at rear of 432 North Broadway.

Pete will invite Seth Brewer to come to the October board meeting to discuss what he and
Renee propose at Second and Jefferson.

Win, Jennifer, Steve and Phil agreed to provide maintenance proposal for Founders Park at the
next meeting of the Board.

Pete will invite Cooper Vaughn to come to the October meeting of the Board to discuss activity
at Apiary Catering. Theresa will speak with neighbors about the service access on Miller Street.

NEXT MEETING: October 1, 2012 @ 6 pm in Rosenthal